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At first glance it must be said, that Shri's photographic works reveal a poetic mind at work. His oeuvre in that sense are attuned to pleasing music. His compositions create an intriguing visual weight, introducing contrasts, focussing on eye captivating colours and changing the picture angle.


However, his choice of the subject matter though varied lend an excellent sense of balance to any given composition, be it Landscapes, Portraits, Table tops, Food, Fashion, Jewellery or any other subject matter in specific. 


Shri at vibrant visuals is adept in judging the focal lengths that involve an assessment of how close or far away the subject seems, or how close together his subject seems, while shooting his frames. In the process every exposure become poetic in setting the lighting and contrasts.


What is interesting and evident from his works, is that he takes advantage of the available natural lighting whenever and wherever possible. This is done for the purpose of obtaining an excellence in his compositions, engaging different filters if need be. Equally, Shri seems to excel in his works that needs an indoor shoot with artificial lights or speedlights. In some generes, Shri employs warmer tones, while others thrive with cool tones; benefitting from the use of either, black-and-white or sepia filters, that make the tones more natural.


artist, writer